If you're looking to connect with one or more pilots for sharing a flight or ride-along, event, study group, or just for fun, BuddyFlight™ is for you!

BuddyFlight™ is an iOS app specifically for pilots and student pilots who would like to connect with other students or pilots. BuddyFlight™ will help you discover pilots who are at your same level as well as pilots who are on different levels and certified in different aircraft. Its sole purpose is to make it easy for pilots to connect with one another for training, ride-a-longs, ground study, discovery flights, simulator time, or just to get together to talk aviation!


Training with Other Pilots Helps Build Confidence and Saves Money

When you train with a fellow pilot, especially to locations where they are familiar and you are not, it helps build confidence. Confidence in a new airspace. Confidence in new techniques. Confidence in emergency procedures. You become a better pilot and save money when connecting and flying with other pilots.

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App Features

BuddyFlight™ offers some great features helping you connect with a fellow student or pilot at just the right time and place.

Bigger Geo Airspace

Sharing costs with a flight buddy enables longer flights for the same cost – expanding your geo airspace!

Cost Savings

Buddying up with another pilot or student pilot saves you both time and money!

Ease of Use

BuddyFlight™ is simple to use. Connect with a pilot, make a buddy request, or join a buddy request in seconds!

Chat & Notifications

Message with your connected buddies. Send request notifications to pilots in your area!

Ratings and Discovery

User ratings build trust – allowing you to confidently browse and connect with other pilots at various levels. Find a mentor or be a mentor to others.

Additional Benefits and Details of BuddyFlight™:

  • Potential money savings, both directly by splitting flight time with another student/pilot and indirectly through increased training efficiency of ride-a-longs or discovery flights – so when you actually start flying and paying for instruction you will be more familiar and confident.

  • A parallel can be made between flight buddies and aircraft crew. Most of the advantages would translate directly:

    • Increased safety (two sets of eyes looking for traffic, someone to catch potential mistakes you're making, etc)

    • Increased capability working as a team – it's easier to go to more complicated airspace when one person does the flying while the other runs the radios and makes sure the navigation is working out. also in an emergency situation it is much better to have someone flying the aircraft while the other person is working the emergency.

    • CRM (working as a flight crew) is a big component of commercial flight training. The more experience you have flying with other people, the better crew member you will be. If you’re planning on flying for a living, CRM training is extremely important.

    • Simulated Instrument time. Very beneficial as pilots split the cost while logging more flight time – one pilot logs simulated instrument, the other logs PIC (pilot in command) time. Great for building up flight hours.

    • Splitting costs can let you fly to farther away places. Two independent hour-long rentals can get the aircraft 30 minutes from the airport twice. Two people splitting the rental can get you an hour away from the airport for the same money.

    • The increase in accessible geography by splitting costs with a buddy and flying twice as far offers many more geographic opportunities.

Having someone else you fly with on a regular basis can push you into being a better, more proficient pilot.

Download and Register on BuddyFlight™ for Free

With this official release, BuddyFlight™, provides multiple enhancements and bug fixes:

  • BuddyFlight™ supports all types of pilots and student pilots
  • Provides the option to associate with a flight school or only an airport
  • Student pilots who have not yet earned their private license (PPL) can now use BuddyFlight™
  • Creating a buddy request now allows the option to send the notification to all flight school users – if you’re associated with a flight school – or to all users within a 50 mile radius of your GPS location
  • iPhone X Series user interface optimization

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Below is the front and back of the business card handouts for your students. The more students use BuddyFlight™, the more your flight school will appear to other students or pilots within the BuddyFlight™ App. Complete the additional fields below to let us know how many cards you would like to have for passing out to your students.

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